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About us

At Cross Design we endeavour to form a customer-focused working environment where our team will assist to achieve your goals and provide a solution you’ll be proud of. At Cross Design quality and individuality are paramount. Take a look at our portfolio of contemporary and stylish architectural buildings in Perth Western Australian. View our latest projects


At Cross Design we believe you should give your designer the freedom to use modern materials in a creative manner. Don’t settle for second-best. Don’t ask for a copy. Insist on good, original design.

Brandon Cross is well known within the West Australian building industry as an innovative and practical designer, with a flair for imaginative designs, that are documented with great care and attention to detail, and satisfies the most fastidious of builders. Our philosophy is that all buildings and particularly homes and work spaces, must feel relaxed, and offer real privacy when called upon, and shelter for all occasions, moods and functions.

Design for living

Homes should offer opportunities for all members of the family to retreat and relax, where offices need to be insulated from distractions but open visually.

Homes should be flexible in function, with selected walls that might move in part or in whole. In most modern buildings, most of the internal walls are non-load bearing, so why not relook at their function to various climatic and family situations. Life can be too high pressured and stressful, so why not use one your greatest investments to help you and your family to enjoy their home and relax?

Parents these days seem to be the greatest victims of modern day work load, so why not think of your home as your own private resort and fully understand the statement – it’s good to be home! Cross Design can make your ideas a reality!

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